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Here at AITS FX we insist on our clients fully understanding the whole process involved in trading. Unlike many other brokers, AITS FX needs to retain its clients and ensure they are profitable throughout their trading career. To ensure that our clients become our long term partners we recomend the trading education site,,  as a very suitable introduction to financial trading education. It is a website which offers fully endorsed education on trading the financial markets. In conjunction with AITS FX, a £300 safety net is offered to traders in their first month of live trading. 

The beginners course lasts for 12 months, you can pay in easy monthly subsrciptions and leave anytime you wish (subject to a two week cancellation policy). The course offers this year long system to ensure that new and vulnerable traders have all the support and reassurance that is so often overlooked by other financial educationalists. Advanced courses are also available. Please read the testimonials to get a feel for the total appreciation and genuine admiration that others have for this course.

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