With so much competition in this marketplace, brokers are always looking for an edge over each other to attract customers. We believe there are several valid reasons to be considered before dismissing, or choosing, a broker.

AITS FX doesn’t lay claim to being the "if Carlsberg made brokers" broker!

It doesn't take long to sift through all the websites to see that every Broker is world renowned, the best at what they do and a multi-award winner. These are nothing more than marketing gimmicks to try and attract traders through flashy statements and 'Carlsberg hype'! Who needs pictures of flashy yachts and Ferraris? Focus on the facts from your own research and see just how the broker fits your circumstance, not you fitting theirs!

AITS FX doesn’t offer bonuses or special offers!

Ignore bonuses and special attraction campaigns because these are setup so you must meet unrealistic targets to withdraw the bonus amount. Brokers will offer a bonus so you can trade with higher margin, thus increasing your risk of realising larger losses at a quicker rate. Bonuses are not in your best interest, very rarely get paid out and are designed to undermine your account. If they were easily achievable brokers would not be offering them. At AITS FX we need you to trade for a long time. We don’t want to undermine your account, we want it to be stable.

AITS FX wants to help you become a profitable trader!

When choosing a broker the trader must be happy that the Broker they are opening an account with is a good match for their trading. Every bit of effort counts in trading so you should be doing your utmost to ensure that your Broker has the kind of execution and product offering that will adequately suit your trading needs. AITS FX has placed its spreads as tight as they can whilst still maintaining a business model. What this means is that whilst other traders may advertise spreads at 0.5 pips, what use are they if you get slipped 3 pips when you trade? The liquidity providers for AITS FX are prime of prime (pop) brokers so liquidity is high and slippage very low. We don’t want to con you, we want to grow you.

AITS FX cant run away or hide!

Too often websites report about traders having deposits with an unregulated broker from St Vincents, the Seychelles or elsewhere, who run off with their money (although the SNB debacle on January the 15th 2015 proved that many clients whose brokers are regulated in the UK, and other countries, could still lose money).

AITS FX Limited is registered in St Vincents and the Grenadines and so it is an offshore company. So what would stop AITS FX doing as suggested above?

Well, AITS FX Limited has a sole beneficiary; me, Andy Ireland, of

Many people have met me, many people know me, many people know where to find me! As such it would be very difficult for me to take your money and hide. In fact, I will always be going that extra mile (more so than brokers hiding behind regulation status),  to ensure you are always satisfied, your money is always safe, I feel safe and my reputation does not become blemished.

Contact us

Should you need more information, or have any queries then please contact us in writing at 305 Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Alternatively you can email us at

To contact us by phone dial +441332 410091 to speak to somebody in our UK satelite office.  


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